moderated sticky New Group Charter 16 messages #admin By Mark Fletcher ·
Cannot change wiki page edit permission 3 messages #bug By Bruce Bowman ·
Clarify when topic 'reply to' option is changed back to 'group setting' #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
New setting: moderate messages containing links 3 messages #suggestion By J_Catlady ·
moderated Poll participation by non-account holders 21 messages #suggestion By Tom U ·
Open Help Centre in new window #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
#suggestion Need to permit different email addresses for group joining 6 messages #suggestion By judy Warden ·
Can you clarify the long-term status of "legacy" groups? 2 messages #suggestion By David Kirkby ·
Generic link type #suggestion By Gilbert Coville ·
Make mouse pointer consistent on +New button in Files section #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
Subject line of messages in Activity section 7 messages #bug By debbie ·
search results /members page shows stale data after user edit #bug By Dan Halbert ·
custom colors don't work in direct add custom message 3 messages #bug By Glenn Glazer ·
#suggestion Moderators should be able to Reply to or Forward a message of 'importance' and tag it "Special Interest" in the process 5 messages #suggestion By Dan Tucker - FireTuck ·
Owner box in photos being changed by members 8 messages #bug By Judy F. ·
Samuel's Paid User Proposal 218 messages #suggestion By Mark Fletcher ·
Site updates #changelog By Mark Fletcher ·
Moderator control for sponsorship notifications 2 messages #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
Include group subject tag on sponsorship notification emails #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
moderated #bug event times in /feed are all 8 hours out 22 messages #bug By Malcolm Austen ·
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