moderated sticky New Group Charter 16 messages #admin By Mark Fletcher ·
Sign-Up Challenge Question 3 messages #suggestion By Steve Puffenberger ·
Event: Unscheduled downtime #outage - Monday, August 15, 2022 #outage #cal-invite By Group Notification ·
Photo scaling on database images not working 2 messages #bug By Steve Puffenberger ·
Editing a pending message is not logged 2 messages #bug By Andy I ·
Include old and new colours in Activity Log message #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
Hotmail allows PMs in a group with private replies disabled if user selects "reply all" 52 messages #misc #bug By J_Catlady ·
# bugs Members getting error messages about group not existing. 4 messages #bug By Catherine . ·
Merging multiple messages into one topic 3 messages #suggestion By Dan Tucker ·
Site updates #changelog By Mark Fletcher ·
Mark on vacation 5 messages #admin By Mark Fletcher ·
Searching for "User Names" in Members 7 messages #suggestion By Andy I ·
Image Upload in Database Suddenly Quit 5 messages #bug By Steve Puffenberger ·
Increased incidence of mail being flagged as spam 4 messages #misc By Nick Dunmur ·
Event: Unscheduled downtime #outage - Friday, August 12, 2022 #outage #cal-invite By Group Notification ·
Extra member data 19 messages #releasenotes By Mark Fletcher ·
Promoted events on cal-summary messages #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
Enable "Subject" column sorting in the "View Attachments" screen #suggestion By Christos Psarras ·
Merging accounts loses history info 3 messages #bug By Bruce Bowman · logged me out without telling me, and lost my saved draft 21 messages #bug By Andy I ·
idea in the admin/subgroups 15 messages #suggestion By iowagold2020 ·
#suggestion Add option to create a hashtag that sends a message only to moderators 8 messages #suggestion By Adrietta Woods ·
Site updates #changelog By Mark Fletcher ·
Subgroups are great but sometimes I just want distribution lists 20 messages #meta #suggestion By Dan Speck ·
#bug User names that have been changed are showing up as originally entered. 8 messages #bug By Chris Kozel ·
Archived group sent calendar notice to unsubscribed person 3 messages #bug By Ry Jones ·
Add numeric data type to database 23 messages #misc #suggestion By Paul Lever ·
Peculiar behavior with member notices 2 messages #bug By Bruce Bowman ·
Group Guidelines #guidelines-notice By Group Notification ·
Site updates #changelog By Mark Fletcher ·
Add more obvious Groupname to group webpages 4 messages #suggestion By Andy I ·
Database search function stopped working 6 messages #bug By Terry Tegnazian ·
Allow message More/View Source to non-moderators, at least in groups where the message archive can be downloaded by normal users 32 messages #suggestion By Mike Beaton ·
Event: Unscheduled downtime #outage - Thursday, July 28, 2022 4 messages #outage #cal-invite By Group Notification ·
Short downtime this evening 4 messages #downtime By Mark Fletcher ·
change in signature settings causes display name to revert to profile name 13 messages #bug By J_Catlady ·
Bug? Emoticons in Topic title even with Strip Attachments selected 8 messages #bug By Bob Bellizzi ·
Site updates 6 messages #changelog By Mark Fletcher ·
moderated Use calendar colour codes on Upcoming Events message 11 messages #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
moderated Cannot enable notifications in Firefox 2 messages #bug By Andy Wedge ·
Group archive access 20 messages #suggestion By Al ·
RSVP change 5 messages #bug By Anthony Angelo ·
Online message/FILES/PHOTOS upload attachment/file naming issues #bug By Christos Psarras ·
moderated #bug - Can't download photo from album 2 messages #bug By Margo Seegrist ·
image attachment (name) 6 messages #bug By Malcolm Austen ·
Failed to load plugin: table from url 3 messages #bug By Bob Bellizzi ·
"Faliled to load Pluging table from url 2 messages #bug By Bob Bellizzi ·
moderated Site updates #changelog By Mark Fletcher ·
moderated #bug owner-address unreachable from gmail 5 messages #bug By ro-esp ·
moderated Merging using +aliased addresses doesn't work 3 messages #bug By Christos Psarras ·
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