moderated Move Default Sub Settings onto Main Settings Page 5 messages #suggestion By Bruce Bowman ·
moderated Default database view 15 messages #done #suggestion By Chris Smith ·
moderated Problem with Time Change for Digest 4 messages #bug By Ann Wild ·
moderated Storage usage colors #suggestion By Duane ·
moderated Search Function - Search Options Available From All Pages 2 messages #suggestion By Bill Hazel ·
moderated File uploaded dates incorrect 2 messages #bug By Andy Wedge ·
moderated After deleting member, that member can't request re-subscription (gets "That email addr already registered") 5 messages #bug By Jim Avera ·
moderated Subscriptions to Gio Calendars No Longer Syncing 4 messages #bug By Kenny Paul ·
moderated Dynamic sizing of monthly calendar view #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
moderated Calendar ICS file changes 3 messages #update By Mark Fletcher ·
moderated Include owner emails and notifications in moderators' email delivery history #suggestion By J_Catlady ·
moderated Unsubscribing a Member via Membership List #suggestion By Leeni ·
moderated Site updates 2 messages #changelog By Mark Fletcher ·
moderated Search member directory 17 messages #suggestion #done By Mark Fletcher ·
moderated Digest change 2 messages #update By Mark Fletcher ·
moderated Ability to send later from web interface 3 messages #suggestion By Robert Kingett ·
moderated Missing Digest 6 messages #bug By Ann Wild ·
moderated Calendar: Allow "Last [day of week] of month" for repeating events 9 messages #suggestion By webminder@... ·
moderated "locked" icon disappears from topics in results of a hashtag filter/search 6 messages #bug #fixed By J_Catlady ·
moderated Add Numeric Type to Databases By Bob Morley ·