locked View selections (was: "Like" for the email-centric)



If it could be turned on or off by the user, that would be nice for
both camps.
Actually, I shouldn't have used the word "options", as that might imply needing to go to a settings page somewhere to change it. What I mean is an immediately accessible control to let the individual user choose the viewing style that suits that user's needs of the moment. The user's choice should be remembered from session to session, naturally.

An example would be Gmail's button to select whether the screen has a preview split horizontally, vertically, or not at all. Combine that with a selection for whether the list is "slim" (one line per item), "relaxed" (a bit of summary per item), or "expanded" (each message presented in full) and a third selection for whether the list is infinite scroll or paginated and that would cover the bases I can think of.

In Groups.io's Archive, there are presently two view controls: the Thread versus Message buttons, and the Date order selection. I'd add these three to the right, alongside the Date order. Like the Date order, they would apply equally to the Thread or Message list.

The only question is whether those three view controls would be too "fussy" or potentially confusing. I don't think so, because each would have a natural and immediately visible effect. People would quickly learn to select what they like. On the other hand, KISS is still a valid principle.

-- Shal

On 21/11/2014 21:50, Shal Farley wrote:

What I would suggest would be to have some list/message viewing
options, with facile ways to switch among them, so that one can
choose the style that works best for what you're doing at the moment.