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>>> superfluous or confusing<<<

If you think in a logical linear fashion, not at all. 

A bug isn’t confirmed until Mark receives the email and verifies it’s a bug (or is not.)

The prefix (ie, qualifier) “bug”report@ is technically incorrect because no one knows when submitting it that’s it’s a bug (vs potential) until it’s verified to be as such by Mark. 
Someone could think,  “I don’t know whether it’s a true bug or user error, or machine/browser error, so I better not use that address.”

(Subsequent silence on this doesn’t indicate agreement with left coast logic.  LOL)

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superfluous or confusing

Laurence Marks <marks@...>

At IBM, the response to a bug report where the product didn't perform to user expectations was "Working as Designed," often abbreviated to "WAD."

No matter what you do, you're always going to have that situation.


Larry Marks