moderated #request to add group #icon to the Home Page

Jim Wilson

I would like to request the group icon be added and displayed on the home page similarly to the way it shows on the feed.

An additional idea would be to display the group icon just ahead of the breadcrumb menu on the same line or perhaps above the left-hand menu, either of which would help eliminate confusion and better indicate which group is being viewed.

Mark Irving

This was in my suggestion to provide an icon (before these existed at all). I would appreciate more use of the group icon, too!

That said, Mark Fletcher will be, rightly, too busy with the Y! Groups! refugees! right now to notice the request. Better to raise it again next year.

 - Mark

Jim Wilson

I tried to find if anyone had done so. I guess I guess I didn't look hard enough. Agree, though. I am making a list of relatively minor things that are mostly aesthetic in nature.