moderated Quoted subject line in messages to Moderators #misc

Andy I

From time to time, a member accidentally(?) marks a message as Spam, and gets booted out of the group by  The email notification sent to Moderators explains why.  If it was a regular group message, the Moderator message lists the Subject of the message that was marked as spam, with a link.  The link has the URL to the message, and the displayed text was the message's Subject line.

Today, that email notification to Moderators shows a partly scrambled version of the Subject line.  It looks like this:

    Re: e20c1767785634d972a0fd18d4867ac9 rest of the subject line

Is this an intentional change, or was it a fluke?

It's the first time I saw this.  The long string of characters replaces the first word of the Subject line (which happens to also be the group's name).  I looked in More > View Source to see if that string was somehow embedded in the message that was marked, but I don't see it there.



Andy I

Mark wrote that a duplicate message got approved accidentally.

Mark, I am wondering how that happened.

When I sent the original message, 3 days ago, I clicked the blue "Send" button in the web interface and I thought I got the usual "message sent, will be approved shortly" thing at the top of the screen.  But moments later I also noticed there was 1 message in Drafts, which appeared to be the same exact message I had just written.  I thought, hmm, something must have gone wrong, maybe I clicked the wrong thing or signals got crossed, and it wasn't actually posted?  I refreshed my screen a few times, but it was still there.  So I posted the one in Drafts, and hoped that if it was a mistake you would straighten it out.

What happened?

I wonder if forgot to erase the saved copy in Drafts when the first message was sent?

FYI, I think this is a recurring problem in, but not easy to replicate.  Not long ago I saw it happen in another group, where I clicked "Send" (or "Reply to Group") and my message stayed in "Drafts".  I don't remember now if the first "Send" failed or if both of them worked.  Could this be a timing issue, where the instruction to post the message arrived at nearly the same time as an instruction to update the Draft?

(Sorry to be off-topic.)