locked Pricing changes


Hi All,

I've just pushed to the live site the changes to the pricing model that I mentioned last week. This means that free groups can now have private archives and can be unlisted. It also means that direct adding of subscribers/unlimited integrations/10GB attachment space is available for $10/month. I've also added a "group transfer" plan that does not automatically renew, so you can pay $10, add your subscribers, and not have to worry about canceling the premium subscription. All of this is under the revamped Upgrade tab in each group.

Also, as per Linda's suggestion, I've added the ability to limit the Members section to owners only (previously you could only restrict it to moderators and owners together).

I will announce these changes tomorrow on the updates@groups.io group and on Twitter.

Lots of changes. Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports.