locked Group transfers



Every message does get converted to UTF-8 when we first receive it, so
that we can look for and remove any footers in replies. But we
convert it right back to the original encoding before sending it out and
saving it in the database.
The reason I'm concerned about conversions is that they are a source of error.

A member of my GMF group on Yahoo ceased to be able to use Google groups because her group used a non-ISO encoding (koi8-r) in their emails and the translation to UTF-8 permanently corrupted the text. For their purposes it wasn't so important that the Archive was corrupt, but when Google Groups translated their email messages they became unusable - they could not be translated back. So, at least up until Neo, they stuck with Yahoo Groups because the individual messages were passed through without translation.

-- Shal

Nightowl >8#


Yahoo may close down Groups anyway. They haven't been maintaining or fixing or anything in their regard for some time.

Personally, I would like to see everyone rescue their archives and delete their old Yahoo groups, so that Yahoo would get the message that they failed with their shiny new NEO design.The more "empty" unused groups that sit over there, just serve to be something they can "claim" exists, to their advertisers. When in reality, they are not active or generating content for ads whatsoever.

But I also know you can't legally just put the archives of a Yahoo Group somewhere else online. So it's akin to starting over. Still, having the archives even in a zip file and sending it to any members that would want it would be a start.

Having been in this fight since August 31, 2013, and struggling to get the world to see what Yahoo has done to disabled, elderly and the rest of us, I'm ready to start the exodus. As soon as can serve as the place to go, I encourage everyone to start over here.

I still however, encourage people to archive their data. Even someone like Mark, who is kind and caring and understands the value of archives, can NOT promise that something might not happen to destroy the content. So I implore everyone to safely archive their data, whether starting over or staying put. It's the smart thing to do where the Internet is concerned.

Nightowl >8#


Hi Brenda,

Interesting point about archives.

BTW, Linda is well aware what has happened over the years. Her non-commercial travel discussion group has been around since March 1999. I am proud to be a moderator!