moderated Customized bounce message #suggestion

Dan Barnette

I received a complaint from the IT department of a group user.
As with most IT departments, they have been training their users to be suspicious of emails that ask them to click links.
They (and their users) expect messages from our association to look like emails from our association.  The "'' <>"  in the from line, and the closing, 'Thank you, The Team' was unfamiliar to them and made them think it was a phishing email. 

I'm fairly sure, though not positive, the users recognized the groups names that their subscribed to, however, given the security training they've been going through, it just made them more suspicious.  Is it possible to customize the bounce email to remove the information, or to add text or a logo or something?



On Tue, May 17, 2022 at 03:15 PM, Dan Barnette wrote:
They (and their users) expect messages from our association to look like emails from our association.
That may be the biggest source of confusion for them.  A bouncing notice is from the site, not your group, because it could have been caused by a message from any group a person belongs to.  It will include a list of all the groups a person is a member of since they will no longer receive messages from any of them at that email address.  While it's true that your group may be the only one that some are a member of, that's not true for many people.  The bouncing status is propagated across all groups a person belongs to.  Since it is a site status, I don't believe you'd want the notice to appear to be from your group, especially if it was another group's message that caused it.  Including the message that was bounced might help, but that may just lead to another bounce if the contents were considered spam by the recipients email provider.  The link to click does begin with so they should feel comfortable with it, though they'd need to make sure the visible text matches the underlying link.  Other than educating users, I can't think of a way to resolve this.