moderated Clarify text on RSVP events buttons #suggestion

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

The text on the RSVP 'Will Attend' and 'Will Not Attend' buttons is confusing once a response has been made and if no guests are allowed:

Use of the word 'Update' in this case makes no sense and causes confusion. The fact that the button is blue shows that it is already the selected option so what are you updating?

If guests are allowed however, it does make more sense as you can change the number:

Can we include the 'Update' prefix only if guests are allowed?




This should be fixed now.


Anthony Angelo

Following up on RSVP & Guests, is there a way to increase the # of Guests allowed. Maybe in the settings/special features you can up the #. Looking at a kids' talent show. So with the some kids, parents, maybe grandparents added, you can't include them all.