moderated Add attribute/property data to the Files export JSON files #suggestion


Hi Mark,

I've been meaning to suggest this for a while now and a new Group_Help topic reminded me.

While the Photos export JSONs contain plenty of good useful info inside the file which can be used to create various group metrics, the Files JSONs do not, they only contain CreationDate, Filename, and Description. 

It can be useful for folks who can only use the export files (instead of the API) for creating metric reports such as usage by user for example, if the Files JSONs were also enhanced to contain the pertinent data like the Photos do.  If it helps any on the implementation effort, no need for including everything as Photos do, but including at the very least the updated, user_id, group_id, size, path, parent_folder_id, is_folder, and type properties would be welcome.

Thanks and Cheers,