Moderated Add DisplayName to certain system-generated notifications #suggestion


Hi Mark,

We had a situation in a group where a not very savvy group member started bouncing temporarily and got the typical bouncing account email, and he wasn't sure about it and posted on the group to ask what it was.  I explained what the deal was.

I was thinking about it further, would it help in this case to add the person's DisplayName (if one is set of course) in the greeting?  Right now it's just a generic Hello, typical of the usual phishing attempt:


Recently, emails sent to you have bounced back to us. This can be for many reasons ...
. . .

The flow would be, if a DisplayName is specified in the main Identity profile then use that (and optionally if not, if DisplayName is setup in one or more group profiles then use the one from the oldest group), otherwise leave blank as it is now.

This would make this email a bit more personal and could also be added to the changed email address Re-Confirm email and also the spam-removed email.  It would not be applicable to the new account Confirm email.