locked Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: Added NuM and P badges to appropriate subs in Your Groups page.
  • NEW: When adding a feed integration, prepend 'http://' if the URL is missing it.
  • CHANGE: Commit more often when doing direct adds to prevent database lock issues with big direct adds.
  • BUGFIX: Fix inline photo display in /thread view.
  • BUGFIX: Fix editing messages and editing pending messages that contain inline photos.
  • INTERNAL: Several changes to make developing/testing subdomains easier.
  • CHANGE: 'New Message' -> 'New Topic'.
  • BUGFIX: When editing a message with inline photos, we were not properly restoring the original content id links after the edit.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed oauth token expiry issue with GDrive integrations (requires re-authentication using oauth).
  • CHANGE: Don't strip target attributes from anchor tags when viewing messages.
  • NEW: Ability to delete message edits.
  • CHANGE: Facebook integrations now ignore guest posts.
  • NEW: Support for adding inline images when sending messages to members.
  • CHANGE: Removed /unconfirm, changed it to /deleteuser.
  • NEW: Don't display an attachment a second time at the bottom of a message if we already show it within the message.
  • NEW: Support for adding inline images into messages in posts.
  • CHANGE: In full featured digests, the mailto link on the From line for a message now includes the subject.
  • CHANGE: Added text on login page for people who are receiving group messages but have never logged into the site before.
  • NEW: Ability to delete your profile photo (how could I have forgotten to have that?).
  • NEW: More improvements in collapsing quoted chunks of messages. Now we treat signature blocks as part of the quoted reply if they directly follow the quoted reply as the last part of the message.

Have a good weekend everybody!