moderated Strill some confusion between editor and original writer in various notifcations and log entries #misc


There is still some misleading info when a mod edits a member's message and sends the edited message to group.

In the pending queue, the edited message is attributed to the editor, but looks like a brand new message by that editor. Similarly, it goes through to the group with attribution by the editor, as if it's that editor's message (it's not - only the edit is by the editor).

And if the pending message is deleted (as I just did, because I didn't want it to seem to the group as if I, not the member, had created the message), the log entry says "deleted [member name]'s message. So those two attributions don't match.

I think the real cause of the confusion is that nowhere is the word "edit" included.

I'm not sure what the solution is because i haven't yet thought it through. I do feel that the current situation is misleading and confusing and in some fundamental sense, wrong.

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