moderated Add quotes to notification and log entry text to better clarify values #suggestion #done


Hi Mark,

The Account Changes DisplayName notification is not using single quotes to indicate before & after values in the notification text, which can result in a bit of ambiguity if one sets their DisplayName to blank:
... changed their display name from TestAcct to in group

The lack of the single quotes can make this ambiguous to the other admins if they get the notification, i.e. changed it to what?  Or Is this a bug and it's not showing what it was changed to?

The corresponding activity log entry does use single quotes:
... changed their display name from 'TestAcct' to '', via web

Therefore my suggestion is to single-quote the notification's before & after values which will make things clearer if someone clears those fields and it also matches the log entry, i.e.
...@... changed their display name from 'TestAcct' to '' in group

Similarly, I'd suggest to also add quotes to the activity log entry for the UserName change as it's also currently not using quotes:
... changed user name from TestAcctMain to , via web

I can't remember if UserName changes generate notifications but I never got one in testing.