moderated File ownership #suggestion

Andy I

Suggested changes to File ownership, in the Files section of groups.  By "Ownership", I mean the name in the "Uploaded By" column when viewing a list of files.

1.  When a member who had previously uploaded any Files, leaves a group, the ownership of their Files automatically transfers to the group's Owner.   (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

This is confusing if the Owner him or herself also uploads files.  It's not right to automatically label the Owner as the one responsible for creating and uploading someone else's files.

Could the files that belonged to a member who leaves the group, transfer to another entity, not to the group Owner?  I'm guessing it must be an actual Account.  Maybe a dummy account that exists for this purpose only?

1A.  Personally, I like having an indication somewhere of who the actual uploader was -- their display name, their account name, something.  Could there be something, that doesn't require a major rewrite?

2.  (In conjunction with 1.)  Can you add the ability to "claim ownership" of a file by a Moderator?

Or, letting a Moderator transfer ownership of any file to any member?  Somewhat dangerous, indeed.

(I realize the contradiction, between not wanting to label a file with someone else's name, and then adding exactly that ability.  In an ideal world, I'd want files identified with the names of both the original uploader, and the person who now has ownership of it.  But that's probably not practical.  So a workaround is to do 1, but then allow the Owner to take ownership of someone's files if it suits their group.)

Much of the above might apply to Photos and Photo Albums too, but I didn't check.  Actually, I see some Photos that have no owner, so maybe they work differently.