moderated "All Messages By This Member" #suggestion

Ruthie Levi

in our all moderated group, we check each member’s pending post against his past posting there anyway to move the “All Messages By This Member button to the pending message view for that specific member?


just a request/idea...i understand not all of our wishes get granted :)


hope everyone is staying healthy!


ruthie levi



I, too, would like to see the "All Messages by This Member" button in a lot more places than currently. It sometimes takes several steps to get to it instead of the 1 step you'd expect.

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Jeannette Bellerose

Ruthie, I'm not 100% sure I fully understand your question. So I apologize if I'm totally off track here.
To see a list of messages sent by any particular member, you can go under "Admin->Members" and click on the member's name. Then at the top, click under "Activity History"; under "Actions" choose "Sent message" in the scroll down menu and click the Search button. You will then see a list of all their sent messages which, I assume, would include messages requiring approval.


Jeannette B.