moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

October 22, 2021:

  • BUGFIX: When merging two accounts, if both accounts had subscriptions to the same group, an activity log message was not generated for that group showing the email address change. Discussion
  • BUGFIX: In the Topic Properties page, in the App, the hashtag selector did not work properly. Discussion
  • DOCS: Updates from Nina. Owners Manual Revision History.

October 21, 2021:

  • CHANGE: Microsoft emailers will sometimes encode an attachment filename improperly, causing the resulting decoded filename to include Unicode replacement characters. We now detect that and use an alternative header to get the correct filename.
  • BUGFIX: When downloading some attachments with UTF-8 encoded file names, the saved file name ended up being the encoded version, not the decoded version.
  • INTERNAL: Upgrade jQuery to 1.12.4.

October 20, 2021:

  • BUGFIX: For some groups with many files, the export group process would timeout generating the export archive, causing the export process to fail.
  • BUGFIX: Do not display the group Sponsorship button in the app. Discussion
  • CHANGE: Some Microsoft emails have quoted printable HTML parts that contain unicode characters that cause our quoted printable reader to error out when decoding the message. These unicode characters are when the message contains parts in a different language than the rest of the email (ZH-CN in one specific example). We now strip out these extra unicode characters so that the rest of the message can be decoded.

October 19, 2021:

  • BUGFIX: Email replying to a message from a topic that has been split sometimes would incorrectly create a new topic. Discussion

October 18, 2021:

  • BUGFIX: Members with Override: not moderated posting status should be allowed to post attachments regardless of the group setting. Discussion

The next #changelog will be sent on Friday, October 29nd.

Take care everyone.