moderated Merging Two Poster ID's with the Same Email Address after Deletion of Account #suggestion



I was a member of a group and a moderator. Due to circumstances and having one of those really bad days (months), I deleted my account. I rejoined again, however I have a new poster ID. I did ask support if it was possible to merge my former poster ID with my new poster ID and was told it was not available at this time. 

I would like to make a suggestion to see if it would be possible at some point and in very limited circumstances to merge two poster ID's when a person has the same email address and has deleted their account and then rejoins. I do understand any concerns, such as my email account could have been hacked and someone else is now accessing my account and acting as me. 

I did post various messages under my former poster ID and now the name and file uploads are all blank as my old self no longer exists. 

Thank you in advance for any consideration.