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Adding members directly is a feature that simplifies group management. But it can also create spam problems. Still, some admins and moderators need to try this feature to discover it. I wish that there was an option to become a member directly -once a month, or something like that- in limited groups. It would have been easy to persuade other group admins who were used to it to switch to Enterprise or Premium.

Just a suggestion!


I appreciate suggestions, but I don't understand.  How does adding someone directly create spam problems, and how does becoming a member once a month alleviate them?



On Wed, Sep 1, 2021 at 07:48 AM, Andy wrote:
I don't understand.  How does adding someone directly create spam problems
Just guessing, but maybe he means essentially that spam is in the eye of the beholder? If you direct-add people who don't want to be members, then they perceive all email from the group as spam?

I don't get the once-a-month thing, either, but again just guessing, I think he means that allowing basic groups to use the direct-add feature once per month gives them the chance to try it out and motivates them to upgrade if they like it, while limiting its use maintains the upgrade incentive.

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