moderated Add a bar color legend in the Admin -> Usage/Billing/Upgrade screen #suggestion


Hi Mark,
After all this time I just noticed this, and I didn't find any mention of it in the owner's manual, but that screen apparently uses different colors on the usage bar for the different sections.  Since there's no explicit legend for the colors used, the colors show can and will vary based on section usage percentages, and admins can see different visuals for different groups.
Since we are adding visual indicators in the various admin screens, it may be helpful to also add one in here as well, something like the attached.  Or alternatively add it in the Owner manual in the "Viewing your group’s storage limit and current space usage" section.


On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 07:07 PM, Christos Psarras wrote:
something like the attached
For real this time....



something like the attached
I'd go with something more rectangular, landscape orientation, to visually suggest a bar.

Perhaps just a bit less tall (matching font baseline to character height?) and just enough wider to be unmistakably not a square. Definitely want to retain enough total area for the colors to remain distinct.

IMO a square is too overused a shape to provide that (subliminal) clue.