moderated Make Direct Add have identical effect as Rejoined Spam #suggestion


In our group, when someone is removed for marking a message as spam, and that member is a very known and active group member, I don't wait for them to send the resub link. I just Direct Add them back into the group, and notify them that this has occurred. The problem is that much of their membership info goes down the drain when that happens, unlike when they resub from spam, in which case everything is restored. In the one example a couple of days ago, I had to resurrect the member's complete auto-sig (our auto-sigs carry the cats' medical histories), and her "date joined" became the date she was Direct Added (this was a charter member of my original group, who actually joined about 7 years ago, and it always comes as a shock to see her at the top of the Members List as if she just joined yesterday). I don't know what else is not restored. Her activity history seems intact.

Could Direct Add be made to have the same effect as a resub from spam situation, when the member was already a group member?

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