moderated Files sometimes missing when Files listing is sorted by "Type" #bug


I'm afraid I am a little vague about this.

In one of my group's File folders, there are about 815 different files.  Some are .ZIP files, some are .PDF, some are others, and many are folders (subdirectories).  I was looking for one particular subdirectory, but now they are interspersed among all the files and I didn't want to page through many pages of listings and search each page (web browser's ctrl-F) for the one I'm looking for.  To make it easier, I clicked "Type" near the top, to sort the listing by that column.  That put the regular files first, so I clicked "Type" again to reverse the sort order and make the Folders come first.  All good so far.

To my surprise, the folder I'm looking for is nowhere to be found.  No sign of it.  Not only that, there are no .PDF files either, but I KNOW there should be a few.  Where did they go?  Where did my subdirectory go?

I clicked "Name" to go back to the default sort order, and eventually found the folder I was looking for.  It is there.  But not there when I sorted by "Type".

Then, for kicks, I clicked "Type" again, but just once.  Then went to the last page and -- surprise! -- the .PDF files are now there!  I also started paging backwards, and -- what do you know -- the folder I was looking for is there too!  So it's there when "Type" is in one order, but it is missing when it's in the other order.  (If it's not missing, it is mixed somewhere among all the regular Files.)

I'm having some trouble making this 100% repeatable.  But I think I can never find the subdirectory I'm looking for, when Type is clicked twice so that the little arrow points down.  What is going on?