moderated Allow mods to post-to-group in reply-to-sender-tagged topics #suggestion


Yesterday I wanted to update a tagged reply-only-to-sender topic by posting a second message to the group in it, but was prevented from doing that by the tag. It took me awhile to find the following workaround: create a second reply-only-to-sender-tagged topic and merge the two topics.

Most mods wanting to reply to such a tagged topic won't think of this workaround and will simply be unable to post to the group in it. It would be much easier to simply allow mods the option to do that.

(Yesterday I also sent a bug report about a save-and-send edit to such a topic not going to FO group members. This is a related, but a separate, issue. I think the bug needs to be fixed; the suggestion would be simply a helpful addition.)

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