moderated Maintain calendar display format per device type #suggestion

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

I've found that when switching between my mobile (using the app and mobile site) and desktop, the last calendar display format used is the the next one I see regardless of device.  The Month and Week views on a mobile are not very good due to the limited screen size so I always go for List view there. However, when I switch back to my desktop, I get list view there when I want to maintain the Month view.  When I switch back to Month view on my desktop, I get the Month view on my mobile and constantly changing it is a PITA. The manual used to say that the default view on a mobile device was list view (following Beta #20216) but I cannot see that reference now so I think the way this is handled has been changed.  If we can maintain the calendar display format by device type that would be much nicer.