moderated Log members' editing of auto-signature #suggestion


Our group uses the auto-sig to carry a group member's cat's brief medical history, current medications, etc. We ask people to keep their sigs up to date. Sometimes they do that, sometimes they don't. Although most of our group members are comfortable using the web, there are some who only use email, and in those cases a request by us to "please update your signature to delete/add that medication," or whatever, often goes nowhere. It would be helpful log members' editing of their sigs (just as changing of their display names and other elements of their membership are logged), in order to know when people are (vs. are not) making needed changes. Then, if we see they're not, we can go in and do it for them. Conversely, if someone edits their sig out of the blue, it is often illuminating to see what changes in diagnosis, medications, symptoms, etc. they made.


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