moderated In Files, change "+New" to "+New/Upload" #suggestion

Andy I

In the Files section, the button at the top of the page for uploading files says only "+ New", until clicked.  Many users find that confusing.  They look for something to click that says Upload, and there is nothing on the page to do that.  After the thirtieth time answering how to do it, I offer the following:

Suggestion:  Change the button so that it says "+ New/Upload".

(Second suggestion:  Please give Moderators the ability to control all those "Link to ..." choices that are also in that "+ New/Upload" drop-down menu.  For some groups, the Files section is where Files and only Files go; it's not for links to somewhere else.  IMHO, links do not belong in the Files section, they belong in their own section for links.  Please let the Moderators disable those "Link to ..." choices when the group doesn't want links to other websites there.)