moderated Checkboxes in emailed photos section for bulk deletion of copies, unwanted pictures #suggestion

Donald Hellen

In the GMF group, someone mentioned that they had someone using a JPG
file for their signature and in the group's emailed photos section
there were hundreds of that picture there.

I had the same experience recently. After contacting him, the member
switched to a text only signature (there was only text, no image, in
the image signature file anyway) but I had probably 100 or so of those
to go in and delete from the attached pictures folder.

It would seem to make sense to have checkboxes for each picture then a
delete button on the page (bottom or top--doesn't matter) to
facilitate deleting multiple "photos" that are not needed but taking
up space. I believe even Yahoo Groups had such a feature.

I'd like to see this implemented. It has been suggested here before
but no action has been taken on this.


Some ham radio groups you may be interested in:

Tony Moody

Yes, There must be a better way.
The existing method to delete a picture ; One at a time , look at the thumbnail pic, click to open, click to delete, click to confirm, is tedious but do-able.

However when there are several pictures to delete, it would be good to be able to select multiple discards and then go through a delete process.
Pehaps an 'are you really sure" process, then the pics are removed from the group page.
Perhaps keep the discards somewhere else for a while, a day, to allow inspection and change of mind, after which the pics are deleted permanently.


Jay Elvove

As the person (I think) who initiated this thread most recently, I'll weigh in as well.  I'm a champion of, and I manage several groups of various sizes (paid and unpaid), but I was surprised to discover that there is virtually no bulk processing capability for working with directories and files (which, of course, includes photos), something that's been available on even the most rudimentary operating systems pretty much since their inception.  Bulk uploading is available, and it would be great to be able to bulk download, delete, and move items, perhaps, print or copy them as well.  I'm fairly certain that there's an underlying filesystem that can be accessed on the backend by support.  It would be great if owners and moderators (and, perhaps, regular users) could have at least rudimentary access to it as well.  I've seen requests for this feature in the forums often.  Perhaps, there's more to implementing this feature than I realize, but even if that's the case, I'd like to know from an official source if it's at least something in the pipeline.  And as there seems not to be a way to do this now, please let me know how I can get help deleting the hundreds of signature files that are cluttering up our "Emailed Photos" folder.

Thanks very much,


Pat Pratt

Tony and Jay, I agree, The ability to bulk delete would be great!!!!
Pat Pratt