moderated #suggestion Delete All Messages Before a Date #suggestion

R West

I use a group that has open discussions before we make a decision. We are trying to look at subjects from all angles so the resulting messages don't necessarily reflect our point of view. After a year these old messages are no longer required and we have come to a decision and don't want to dwell on the past.

I would like to request a feature that would allow me to enter a date, say 2019-06-30, and then all message with a date before or equal to the date would be deleted. I assume that all the other rules about who can delete what would still apply.

I would be happy if this was only available to owners and moderators with the right permissions. I would think the feature might become more complex to implement if a regular user could ask to remove all the message from multiple threads over a long time period.



You could create a hashtag with a duration of a year and put the hashtags on all topics. But that would only provide a relative, not absolute, deletion time.

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