moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

April 23, 2021:

  • NEW: When viewing a member, we now include how that member became a member of the group, at the top of the page, after Joined via.... The options are: web, email, invite, direct add, signup form.
  • CHANGE: The /unbounce link emailed to people when their account is bouncing will no longer log them in if they are not already logged in. Discussion
  • BUGFIX: Make the button behavior on the Past Members page be consistent with the button behavior on the Members page. Discussion
  • BUGFIX: Align search button on Past Members page. Discussion
  • BUGFIX: Fixed the HTML in the Group Directory page and Past Members Page. Discussion

April 22, 2021:

  • NEW: Released first test version of the Android App. Discussion
  • BUGFIX: Logout wasn't working on the Apps. Discussion
  • CHANGE: The Discard button on the New Post page now returns to the group home page, and displays a banner saying the draft has been discarded. This is in part to fix an issue with the Discard button not working in the app.

April 20, 2021:

  • CHANGE: Unsubscribe because of FBL now reported as via system. Also, added commas before the via in the activity log. Discussion

Take care everyone.