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Even when I reply online to a group I own, I cannot edit the Subject Line. I am forced back to my email provider to create "a new topic." 

Members reply often and change a topic without recreating a post. It's human nature. A post might include 2.or more topics and an aside or 2 that garner life... but are stuck with a deceptive Subject line.

Not very cool for archives or for avoiding opening a post that has veered away from the original intent and is not of interest to some.

Be nice to see this improved by end of year, if feasible & reasonable, given other priorities. Some Members ARE Dutiful. We owners usually ask folks to amend Subject lines. Neither they nor owners can do this within the site...

THX for all -

Bob Bellizzi

Reply is specifically for replying to an already defined topic.
New Topic is what you should use for a new New Topic.
Far too many people would simply use Reply w/o changing the topic which causes many others to miss important to not read messages that might affect them but had mismatching topic and body.
Use New Topic for a New Topic.

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The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation 


On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 02:03 PM, billsf9c wrote:
Be nice to see this improved by end of year
I believe everything you want is already available.  You could check to make sure.  The problem is getting people to use it.  As Bob said, reply is only for existing topics.

You also have the capability of splitting (including with a new subject line) or merging topics to keep things as you want them.  See for more info.  As an owner, you can easily edit the subject line of any topic.