moderated displaying thumbnails and icons for msgs containing images and attachments #suggestion


Could the displayed list of messages (condensed message view, not expanded) display thumbnails of the attached or embedded images or attached files?
It would be a valuable feature to be able to browse thru a bunch of messages to more easily locate the one that you remember had a particular photo two years ago.

Could the displayed topic view list show the icon that is associated with the type file (e.g, a paper clip icon for an attached file and an image icon for, well, an image?  Better, could the Topic view list display next to the proper icon the number of attachments/images (like the number of messages in the topic are shown.)
Or even better yet, display thumbnails of the files that were posted under that topic (obviously with a limit of say, n < 10 or < 20 or whatever is reasonable)?
And most better yet, clicking the icon, opens a new page displaying thumbnails of all images or files that have been posted under the topic?

(Remember, not only are we drilling holes in the 4th rock, we'll be picking up the cores and transporting them back to the 3rd rock.) 

Thx for all you to, Mark