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TY Andy I was not aware of that subgroup. Will do. 

Ken K

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Andy Wedge

On Sat, Apr 3, 2021 at 09:36 PM, KWKloeber wrote:
Could the members help manual be updated
The best place to post suggestions about the manuals is the beta docs subgroup.



Could the members help manual be updated to reflect how and what can be searched? 
The search box is there but unclear because there are no instructions on its use. Search isn;t mentioned in the manual.

Searching for an emailed photo by filename doesn't work.  Searching by filedate (even just the year) year posted or taken doesn't work.  Our members are left out there without a paddle how to get anywhere.

Can the dates (posted or taken) be displayed along with the filename?  Paging through 40 pages of pics to find a group that's close to when one thinks the pic was taken/posted takes opening an image on each page.  Easy-breezy flipping through the displayed list seems would seem to be useful/time-saving?

Can the author be displayed? (same reason as above.)

An opened-up emailed photo can button over to the corresponding message.  Can the message topic or author be displayed on the photo file display?  Seems that it would be another/easier way to browse to locate an image?