moderated Other weird SPLIT and other TOPIC issues going on. Why? #bug


Some weird goings-on re: Topics. 

While trying to split off a topic I find that topics are created that don't match their contents.  When I open the topic the author and message is different than the message snippet that's displayed on the Topics list. See below snippets.

Topic list: (there's only one message in the topic)

The actual (only) message in the above topic:

There are topics that I cannot delete (I noticed this when I was reversing topics by date.  The two below that are sandwiched between the pinned topics have no date are EMPTY (no message when I open the topic), and I cannot delete them.  What gives/Am I doing wrong/Where gremlins coming from?

When I tried to split off a message that is a few in sequence down from newest message, it just did not go well due to the above issues.  When I eventually manipulated messages so that I got the offending msg separated out, and merged with the reply to the message, the Topic List view doesn't display the original (oldest) message snippet.  It displays the newest message snippit. 
The snippet shown below is from the NEWEST message in the topic, not the OLDEST message in the topic: