moderated Each email reply to a message that has been split into a new topic creates another new topic #bug

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

While testing the Split topic function I found that each reply via email to messages that have been split off to a new topic ends up creating a new topic. I've been able to repeat this with the following steps:

  • Create a new topic (Subject A) and post messages to it (I did 6 messages)
  • Split the topic to create new one called Subject B (I split from message 3 onwards)
In my email client (Outlook) I now have all the messages (single message delivery) posted to the original topic and they all have Subject A. An email user may well not know that the topic has been split online) so now:

  • Via email, reply to any of the messages still in the original topic (one of the first 2 messages which has Subject A) => Result: Replies are merged into the first topic as expected.
  • Via email, reply to any of the messages that are now in the new topic (message 3 onwards, leaving it as Subject A). => Result: Each reply starts a new topic with Subject A!

As all messages were posted within a few minutes of each other, I would have expected email replies to any messages to be merged into the first topic (Subject A) based upon the Threading Algorithm documentation (unless the first topic (Subject A) was locked in which case replies would be rejected).

What's happening here?