moderated Repost option not available when expected #bug

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

a member in my main group wanted to send a reminder about an event and rather than him typing a separate message, I asked him to use the Repost option.  The group settings allow reposts after 5 days and his previous message was 7 days ago. He told me that the Repost option is not showing on the hamburger/More menu.   In another subgroup and I set Allow Reposts Of Messages After to 1 day and did some testing. I found that:

  • In a topic where I had posted multiple messages on 28-Mar, the Repost option only shows for the first message
  • In a topic I posted the previous day (more than 24 hours though) the Repost option is not available
  • Messages I had posted a week ago do have the Repost option.
I am not sure what process goes on behind the scenes to determine when the Repost option should be displayed or when that determination is made (dynamically or perhaps some scheduled batch process).