moderated File & Photo (etc) Notices #bug

Chris Jones

In doing a search before composing this message I found this point in Message #25397: Given that these new ones aren't intended to be used by members... which makes sense and is what I would expect to be the case.

Earlier today I spotted (in a group that I don't moderate) that a member had used #photo-notice to announce a photo that he had embedded in his post. To the best of my knowledge that group has no representation either here or on GMF so when these notices were introduced they will have just "happened" without anyone necessarily noticing anything particularly different. A bit more investigation found that the -notice hastags were all available in the drop - down list of hashtags that members can use, and of course they would also be available to anyone who added one to an email posting. 

IMHO this is wrong; what is really a system hashtag should not be accessible for members to use right from the outset. Is there any way in which these notices can be configured at source to prevent their use in members' routine posts? And if so, is there any way of enacting it retrospectively?

In the group I moderate I set these hashtags to moderators only because the list of tags available to members has been deliberately kept very short and simple.



I noticed this same issue awhile ago and may have posted about it, but eventually gave up on it.

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