moderated Provide latest bounce date when downloading Bouncing Members #bug


On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 08:00 PM, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
Guess what?   You get the complete list of all members of any status
It's always been that way, so this would be a suggestion (that's been requested before, I think) instead of a #bug.

On the downloaded list, just sort on the User Status column, then copy all the 3's (bouncing) and/or 4's (bounced) to another sheet.  Same result.  I find it handier to have the entire membership in one file so I can find whatever I need.


Bob Bellizzi

I  wanted  to  review our Bouncing members en mass prior to removing all 800 of them.
So I went to Admin/Members/Bouncing and ran opened up the entire bouncing list,
Downloaded it into an excel file for initial massaging.I
Since what I wanted was just the Bouncers and on the Bounced.
Members list all one sees is Bouncing Members,
I figured that selecting all and downloading them would get just Bounced Members

Guess what?   You get the complete list of all members of any status; active, bouncing, banned.
Not sure about Past members.

Could we please have Download functions to provide exactly the list we wish to access?


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