moderated Database CSV Import of Mutli-Select Column #bug

Todd M. Taylor <todd.m.taylor@...>

Database CSV Multiple Select Column Import Bug
The CSV import process for a database that contains a "Multiple Select, Multiple Choice" column has a bug.  If the "Multiple Select, Multiple Choice" column in CSV data row has more than 1 value defined, the values are ignored even when properly formatted.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new database with a "Multiple Select, Multiple Choice" column (Ex. Column Name: "Widgets")
  2. Add multiple choices to the column definition (Ex. Choices: "A", "B", "C")
  3. Save the new database.
  4. Add a new row with "Widgets" defined as "A" and "C" and save the row.
  5. Export the database to a CSV file.   The results should look like this (Note the "quotes" around the multiple selected values):

  6. Add data row(s) to the CSV file to give "Widgets" both single and multiple values:


  7. Use the "Import Rows" feature to import the CSV file with the new rows.  Check the "File Has Header Line" checkbox. 

    Note that the rows are added, but none of the "Widgets" that define multiple values are selected.   The bug appears to be that the import process cannot handle the multi-select values that are wrapped in quotes even though that's how the CSV file formats multi-select columns.
Here is the result of performing the above steps.   Note the missing values: