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Yvette Money <yveterinarian@...>

Good morning, I have been wondering if we could re-visit the idea of being able to "Star" messages or topics we would each like to be able to find quickly?  I know this has been suggested before as based on Mark's answer in the old thread .  I realize hashtags have a good purpose, but in many groups the members either do not know how to use them properly or don't use them at all.  If a member could just add a star to any message they feel is useful to them and wish to refer back to easily, it would make it much easier for them to find it later.  This would make the experience more individualized for each member and would, in the long run, be more user friendly for them.  Many hashtags end up with so many messages and topics within them that it still takes quite a while to search for that one specific thing they are searching for.  Many times, by the time they would like to look for that message (or topic) they have forgotten the name  but have a vague "memory" of something they want to see again.

Also, in my case, I am an owner of a Group and often go to the GMF for ideas and solutions to assist my members.  Whenever there is a good solution that I want to remember and refer to again I do a search on the GMF and have trouble finding the messages I am looking for (mostly because I can't remember the wording I used to aske the question).  I have resorted to copying the whole thread onto my computer and saving it there.  Being able to "star" a message or thread would be very beneficial for me and, hopefully others using

Yvette in Ontario


I note that “favoriting” was a feature that Y!Choo introduced (I believe right after the NEO “better idea”) and it was so very useful to keep track of certain oft-used replies to oft-asked questions (copy,paste,edit,paste into a reply to the latest oft-asked question.) Unfortunately for whatever reason Y!Choo discontinued after a short period of time, maybe a few months.

It would be a great addition here. 


Would also like to upvote a Favorites, Bookmark, Starred - pick whatever name you want, but we ought to have a way to within be able to save links to topics and messages.

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Plenty of support out there for this feature from everyone. Please comment and show your support.