moderated Is it possible to create a preview of a link? #suggestion

Tom H

I posted a prior reply to this but it seems to have poofed. Since then, I have discovered that facebook does preview an image that is in the post being linked. If there is no image in the post, then the image box on the left of the preview is empty. So I guess what would be desirable would be a default icon for the group that facebook could include in the preview when there is no image available from the post. 


I've been thinking the same thing, Benoit..

See my post (I'm new to, that I posted inadvertently to the

See my post here, if you'd like to chime in, please do. 

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Benoît Dumeaux

Maybe it's possible to have previews to webinterface or email distibution .Facebook, Yahoo, Textra SMS app… have this option for improve et enchance the messages/posts.