moderated Pre- Payment #suggestion



We have a premium site payable annually renewing 21OCT20.
Rather than pay for ONE year's renewal, can we pre-pay for the next TWO or THREE years, and if so, how ?

Our group passed around a kitty and we have raised enough for three years so would rather just pass those funds through to rather than hold on to them for the next years.

It looks like we need to wait for to send us an invoice which is then charged to the credit card on file then, if payment succesful, a new "Next payment due" date is shown for one year hence.

It would be nice to have a button to "Pay x additional years" (maybe even with a small discount perhaps)

- I'd understand if only Full Year subscription payments were allowed (i.e. no weird partial payments to reduce accounting hassle).

Thank you for your consideration,


Alan D