moderated Topic View screen message editing: making duplicate image-trimming easier/faster #suggestion


Hi Mark,

The job of editing a topic's thread to remove unnecessary or duplicate images due to reply non-trimming can be a bit time-consuming.  Right now, the only way to efficiently do it is to open and fully expand the topic in one browser tab, see what messages need editing, open those messages in Single Message View in new tabs, do the edits and close the tabs, then refresh the Topic tab and re-expand all quoted text bits again to make sure you didn't miss anything.  That re-expanding part can take a bit of mouse clicking if the topic is rather long with lots of them showing, and makes the job more time-consuming than it could be, especially if the person editing the messages is not as apt/knowledgeable, and they are doing the cleanup within one tab by editing in-situ while in the Topic View screen; when they are returned back to that screen after editing the message, they have to re-expand them again, so in that usage scenario it takes even longer.

IMO it would be a useful time saver if when one is in the Topic Message View screen and has expanded some or all of the "Show Quoted Text" bits, if they F5-refresh the page or if they edit a message, when they are returned back, the screen retains the state of those bits and renders accordingly.  Right now it resets back, and one has to re-expand them. 

I thought of a few alternative ways of achieving this if keeping the quoted text button state is not practical, they would accomplish the same end.

1: In the main message screen, a new option in the Topic Options pulldown, maybe "Trim Topic", "Clean Topic", etc, which would open the Topic View screen with all the quoted text bits rendering already expanded:

2: Or a variation of no.1 but in the Topic View screen this time; some "Expand/Collapse All ..." button/checkbox/whatever at the top or bottom of the Topic view screen, clicking it would expand (or collapse) all the displayed quoted text bits in the topic.

3. Or in the message display area, a small icon indicator next to the show/hide button, which would indicate if the quoted text contains images or attachments, something like this for example:

You'd still have to expand them again in this case, but it would at least give you a visual clue whether there are images contained therein that message's quoted text, so if you were specifically hunting for images, you would know not to bother expanding the ones that don't show it; or if you were currently cleaning-up dupe images, you would know you took care of removing them in that particular message.