moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Continued converting web and email templates from Go's template engine to quicktemplate.
  • UPDATE: Owners Manual updates from Nina.
  • NEW: When creating a group, you now have the option of a 30 day free trial of (almost all) premium features.
  • NEW: Added additional Why Email Groups? marketing page.
  • NEW: Activity log entries when a member changes their email delivery options.
  • NEW: In the activity log, log specifics about moderators changing delivery and post moderation.
  • CHANGE: Don't send a push notification to the moderator who approved/removed a subscriber.
  • NEW: Added new activity log entries for adding/deleting member notices and also linked to the member notice being added/edited.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed group notification of folder upload and fixed some instances of the word dir being used when it should be folder.

Take care everyone.