moderated Member Notice for Calendar Event Notification #suggestion

Charlie Behnken

I would like to see an Member Notice option for the notifications that go out with a Calendar Event.  

The purpose would be to provide a standard boilerplate that would be included in the description of a calendar event.   With the state of the ongoing pandemic many organizations and corporations (rally's, hairdressers, dentists, volunteer requests, etc.) are asking people to be aware that they can become infected with the COVID virus if the attend an event, or ask them if they have been in contact with someone testing positive.   I feel that something along those lines needs to be included in all of my event notifications.  I have tried the manual route, but too many notifications go out without the text.  If it were a Member Notice, it could be tailored to meet each group's requirements.

I am sure others can see their own uses for a standard boilerplate with an event notification.