moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • UPDATE: Updated members manual with changes from Nina.
  • CHANGE: Made our email parsing code a little more liberal so that it wouldn't reject mime parts with content-type lines containing duplicate name parameters.
  • BUGFIX: For really tall browser windows, infinite scroll would sometimes not trigger.
  • BUGFIX: Database search results were missing multiple choice row answers.
  • CHANGE: Expire any muted hashtags when viewing the hashtags page.
  • BUGFIX: In the Week and Day views of the calendar, when clicking a slot after noon to create an event, we would not parse the time correctly.
  • API: Added default_hashtag_view field to the user object, which can be set using the /updateuser endpoint.
  • CHANGE: Store and load FuelUX package locally instead of relying on the //fuelcdn service.
  • CHANGE: In the edit pending message page, include hashtag descriptions in the Add Tags selector.
  • CHANGE: Display number of topics in Hashtags list view.
  • CHANGE: We are now only including the first two attachments for every message in a digest, to prevent oversized digests.
  • CHANGE: Images in digests are now resized using a JPEG quality of 75.
  • CHANGE: Change the order of evaluation so that a member set to MT is evaluated before a group's moderate first message setting.
  • CHANGE: Move the Group Email Addresses block on the Group home page.
  • CHANGE: Update the /mutehashtag URLs in message footers.

Take care everyone.