moderated Email delivery issues #update


Hi All,

Recently some email service providers have been throttling emails from us. I'm happy to report that two of them, Comcast and Cox, have today raised their limits and email is flowing at a more normal rate (Cox will probably take a few hours to catch up).

That leaves, GoDaddy, and Earthlink/Mindspring/Netcom. I haven't been able to contact anyone at those services. I'm investigating some technical changes to how we send email which might help with 


Jim Rumbaugh

This is killing us.  I myself have an earthlink address and messages are taking 12-24 hours to arrive lately.  Might it be possible to at least prioritize messages to small mailing lists which would not generate as much traffic as a main list for an organization?  We have a lot of groups for committees and such and it is important that those get through quickly.  For the big main group, one can at least go to the website to view the messages, which show up immediately, but it is hard to continually scan a list of specialized groups to see if new messages have arrived.