moderated New Help Center now online #misc

West Coast Compañeros Staff

A new, centralized Help Center is accessible online at The Members Manual (for all of us who use's services) and the Owners Manual (for owners and moderators of groups) are each available as a PDF download and as a single long, continuous web page. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is also available in both formats.

This new documentation has been professionally assembled and edited by technical writer Nina Eppes under the direction of, and with help from, Mark Fletcher, the proprietor of Members of the beta docs subgroup have also contributed helpful critiques and suggestions for improvement.

Robert R.


I have a suggestion for the FAQ. Add: what are hashtags for, and do I have to use them?

Another suggestion is to please always spell it "help-center" or "helpcenter". I know dropping hyphens in favour of spaces is all the rage in americanese, but a greenhouse and a green house are very different things, and "help" is not an adjective.

groetjes/ĝis, Ronaldo

Bob Bellizzi

Would you please provide me with a couple of references to where you found "helpcenter" and/or "help-center" rather than "help center"?

I've tried to locate "helpcenter" as a word in several dictionaries and cannot find it.
I've also entered it into google search and each  I receive 8 or 10 google suggestions for "help center"
Alas, all references do not seem to show help center as one word on the internet except for the UPS in the UK.

The only use of "help-center" I've found is for some gym pass company who also varies their name between the former and "gym-pass" .

Bob Bellizzi