moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Work on new Zoom integration with the calendar.
  • CHANGE: Do not allow setting up of two factor authentication when you are logged in using Google or Facebook.
  • API: Changing a subgroup's name using the /updategroup endpoint would fail.
  • API: Removed bcc_me parameter from /postdraft as that was unused.
  • BUGFIX: Private group guidelines were accessible to non-subscribers via the +guidelines email command.
  • INTERNAL: More logging to track email delivery speed
  • INTERNAL: Optimizations for lowering the time to deliver email
  • BUGFIX: Removed do-nothing Edit Settings menu option when viewing moderators on the Members page.
  • BUGFIX: ICS files containing yearly repeating events were not parsable.
  • API: /newdraft endpoint now supports draft_type_post_to_sub draft_type.

Take care, everyone.